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The Bokashi Bin and bokashi composting system is designed to sit inside your home in a suitable and convenient area such as under a sink.  It uses a fermentation process which activates microbial activity to ferment organic waste, not compost it. The end result is a fermented food waste that can be placed directly into the soil. The Bokashi Bin compliments the use of our Vermihut worm farms because you can put the food waste that worms don’t eat such as acidic foods (citrus, onions, tomatoes etc) into the Bokashi Bin and recycle 100% of your kitchen waste. All meat products and dairy can also be put into the Bokashi.  All the Microbes in the Bokashi are naturally occurring and have a beneficial effect on the environment. 

All our Gardening Australia Worm Farm are - Simple to use and are great loooking designs, so they compliment your house or garden.

The time is now for everyone to do a little to help our precious environment! bokashi composting system