About Us

Author: Deanne Raccanello  

Wormtech Pty Ltd is a producer and supplier of 100% Australian compost worm products. We have 20 years hands on experience in farming, growing crops such as wine grapes, seed crops, garlic, vegetables and fruit in the Riverina, NSW. After years of using chemical fertilisers we decided to incorporate some natural fertilisers into our farming practices. The increase in quality, production and overall plant and soil health was obvious. The chemical fertilisers we were using no longer delivered the plant available nutrients due to over use.

Our interest in chemical free fertilisers grew and particularly our interest in the benefits of compost worms and their by-products. Worms have been nature’s best recyclers since the beginning of creation. There ability to consume and excrete anything that was once a living organism can be matched by no known man made process.

 The effects of added chemical fertilisers when growing edible crops must have a negative impact on our health. Taste the difference of a chemical free grown piece of fruit in comparison to many fruit and vegetables bought in supermarkets. The produce found in most shops looks appealing but often lacks taste and texture. It easy and satisfying to grow your own fruit and vegetables, and the weekly budget will like it to. So why not try it – Grow chemical free organic fruit & vegies in your own backyard, improve your health and save money too!

Our aim is to provide a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers which in turn:

·         Benefits the environment

·         Is better for human health

·         Improves plant resistance to disease and pests naturally

·         Enriches soil and plants chemically free

·         Promote better flowering and fruiting

We are a 100% Australian Made and Owned Product. All our products are made using chemical free natural ingredients. 

Our products are sent straight to your door within 7-10 working days. This means you are getting a high quality fresh product unlike some products, which sit on shop shelves for months. Our worms are packed fresh when ordered and payment has been made.